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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Video Found: Clash of the Titans Trailer!

First, it's been forever and a day since the last time I saw the original, and so the news that Hollywood is remaking this classic is both exciting and terrifying. While the trailer looks gorgeous, it could turn into another of those films that is only that (i.e. like Transformers 2). We'll see if they turn it into something more than just another flashy action flick with no point.

Here's the trailer:

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  1. Are you kidding? That doesn't even look like a "remake". That looks like a completely different movie they decided to call "Clash of the Titans" to cash in on our uncontrollable and illogical nostalgia, which we as a culture frankly need to reign in if we ever want to see any part of any entertainment industry progress at a decent pace again.

    This trailer looks like The Mummy meets 300. Yes, it will be plotless save for the "clever" but not accurate uses of historical/mythical devices. And all characters be able to move in slow motion and perform amazing feats of violence. And they'll all be one-dimensional. Every movement will make an ear-shattering sound and the scenery will be either bleached out or overly color-saturated.

    That all might even be fun and a "thrill ride" if it wasn't for the fact that we haven't gotten ANY other kind of adventure movie in years. I might bother with this through Netflix when the time comes, but come on - how does this trailer make the movie look remotely appealing? Especially if you're a fan of the original? Does it even seem connected besides the vague-ish time period it takes place in?

  2. Dave: It looks pretty. That's all I'm going on. It'll probably suck, but the trailer has me curious. Granted, the original movie wasn't all that great either. There aren't a lot of adventure movies, even good ones, that have three-dimensional characters.

    The problem, Dave, is that people like this stuff. You might not, but most people do. I hate most of the movies being made these days. They're not worth the $10 to go to the theater to seem them for me. I likely won't see this movie in theaters anyway (I haven't gone to the movies in almost four months). But, it looks pretty, and pretty is nice.