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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Calling New Readers and Lurkers

I watch my subscriber number fairly closely--an obsessive habit, for sure. So when I notice my subscriber numbers jumping up by quite a bit, I have to wonder who all these new people are.

That's where this post comes in. I know there are about sixty new readers out there, plus a whole bunch of others who have never commented here before. Now's the time to come out of the woodworks!

If you're a fairly new subscriber, or someone that's been around for a while, let me know in the comments who you are, where you discovered my blog (if you remember), what you like, or don't like, etc. Just let me know you're alive and tell me something about yourself.

Don't be shy. I don't bite!

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  1. I just sometimes show up when you post a link on twitter. :)

  2. Well, that's a good enough reason for me. Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ive commented a few times, I like the writing prompts...and really most of what I've read so far. I either found you on twitter, or was passed your link...

  4. Either reason is good for me. Glad you've started reading and hopefully I'll keep you entertained for a long time to come!

  5. Joel, Brisbane Australia. Found your blog when Stumble upon served up your cliche post.

    Maybe you could do more anylsis of common tropes in fantasy. Like why is feudalism so popular.

    My theory is deep in everyone's heart we want to be a prince/ess.

    Oh and G'day.

  6. Scott Parker, Houston, TX.

    Can't recall how I found your site but I've been enjoying it quite a bit since I launched my second blog, SF Safari. A crime writer/reader, I'm getting back into my childhood genre of choice, science fiction and fantasy, and blogging at it at

  7. gijoel: Welcome to the site from the land down under! I'll take your suggestions into consideration. Hope you stick around for a while. It's nice having people from outside of the U.S. around here.

    Scott: Awesome. Thanks for the link and hopefully your summer hasn't been too hot. I'll be passing through there in about three weeks on my way to Florida :S.

  8. Hi, in the UK subscribed i think through the genre fic blog meme a while back. I read my reader everyday but clearly not able to visit each site to comment on each of 200 odd posts a day. We have spoken before. :)

  9. Not really sure where I found your site. I also read through a reader and am not able to comment on all the Blogs I read. I am however, also a Slug and enjoy reading a blog from someone local.

  10. drey, WI. I don't remember when I started following, or where I found you... =) Needless to say, I read a lot & write not-so-much. I blog at drey's library...

  11. Hagelrat: Yup, you've been around for a bit, and you certainly don't have to comment all the time. Once in a while is fine by me :). Thanks for reading!

    ~Em: Unfortunately I won't be in SC much longer. I'm going to graduate school in Florida. But I'll always be a Slug! Two years of UCSC brings some find memories!

    drey: Ah, well, at least you're reading. I suspect you found me through a book giveaway you did some time back. Thanks for reading nonetheless!

  12. Anonymous12:59 AM

    You don't bite? Explain that to the chunk missing from my hand.


  13. I bite you only because you deserve it, Croc.

  14. Anonymous1:18 AM