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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Question to Readers: Content Again

This question will be quick. I've received a few emails regarding promotional material and what not--obviously about books. Would you all be okay with a post here or there talking about books coming out, etc.? I don't expect it to be a frequent thing, since I only have three or four bits of promotional material sitting in my email, but if that would be interesting to you all, I'll go ahead with it. It will not replace regular programming. It'll become, more or less, like the little extra posts I do for videos, websites, links, etc.

Let me know in the comments.


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  1. go for it. If i get book related stuff sent with a nic request i stick it up and think nothing of it. I have no problem with other people doing it. I scan my google reader (about 200 posts a day)and visit the ones that really grab my attention (10-20 most days). In short. Go ahead.

  2. Cool, thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Any time you want to run a contest and use a PDF of GUD to dangle as a prize, hit me up ;)

  4. That might be a possibility :P.