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Friday, June 12, 2009

1000th Post Giveaway Winners!

And the winners are as follows:
  • For the comic/graphic novel pack: Kaolin!
  • For Low Man and Arthas: Blondeswtp!
  • For Where Angels Fear, Into This Mind, and Low Man: dd03!
  • For The Devil's Eye and Princep's Fury: Tina Hunter!
I'll be emailing the winners after the weekend to get their addresses and what not, since I'm graduating and moving and writing papers at the moment. However, if the winners want to email me and show magical intiative, they are more than welcome to. The books will go out around the beginning of next week either way!

Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to the winners! Hopefully I'll have some more giveaways in the future. And here's to 1,000 more posts!

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  1. Well I didn't win. Bummer for me but a big congrats to the winners. Enjoy the books, there's nothing like getting free books in the mail.
    Congrats again on the 1000 posts or 1000 plus now. I hope I make it to 1000 myself.

  2. *jiggety dance*

    Whoo! :D

    And I was all, "Man, I never win" when I saw your tweet, because I figured you'd have contacted people. But I was curious to see anyway. :)

    squyfulo: an ancient squid martial art first mastered by the lesser squids to fend off the kraken.

  3. Anonymous6:20 PM

    OMG! Let's use lots of exclamation marks! It's fun! Yay!

  4. Woot! Exclamation points for Ellira :o) Way Kewl & I have to agree with "Let's get Jiggety"

    Happy Friday!

  5. Congrats to everyone. I'll be sending emails very soon. Thanks for the patience!