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Monday, April 20, 2009

SF/F Links: Pre-May Batch

Here are a few more links. Enjoy:
Oh, and a giveaway:

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  1. The Twilight thing is very funny, of course Chuck Norris could take anyone. I read the first book and found myself rooting for James to kill them both and dine out on Swan. Seriously, they bugged me that much. I gave the book away in disgust and skipped the rest of them.

  2. Haha, well it seems like there are two groups: those who despise Twilight, and those who love it. And then there's me who is in neither group, but doesn't get it. I saw the movie...wasn't believable and I didn't find it particularly compelling as a story. Not bad, just nothing worth the hour and a half or whatever I spent watching it. Glad I didn't pay for it...yay Virgin Atlantic!