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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Website Found: Blade Runner Insight

I'm a Philip K. Dick fan, to say the least, and while I don't consider Blade Runner to be an entertaining film, I think as far as aesthetic value is concerned, it is top notch. Blade Runner Insight is a website I stumbled onto a while ago and I've been meaning to put it up in my Website Found feature.

What is it?
Blade Runner Insight is a website dedicated to the analysis of the film. It's not a fan site, per se--certainly not in the sense that you will find gushing fan raves over the latest director's edition or anything of that sort--but it is a site with a mission to expand upon the already well-rehearsed criticism of the film.

Why is it cool?
Well, if you're interested in reading and commenting on deeper discussions of the Blade Runner film, then this site is definitely for you. The site is run partly as a blog (with news and information added into the mix) and partly as a forum (not an actual forum, but as a forum) for the authors to present their arguments and thoughts. The archives are considerably extensive, thus providing, I think, plenty of material to keep you interested during their occasional lulls in posting.

Check out this fascinating site and satiate that Blade Runner hunger you have in your lower intestine (because it's much more interesting to think of hunger in your lower intestine than in your stomach).

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