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Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote No on Prop 8

If you want to protect marriage, then don't vote for a constitutional amendment that will actually destroy legal marriages. That's right, all those people who got married when the courts turned over the ban on gay marriage will effectively be forcibly stripped of their marriages all because a few people are upset at the prospect of homosexuals being able to share the same rights. What 8 will do is put the government into a position in which it will interfere in our personal lives and strip people of their rights and of their marriages.

Think about that while you're considering how to vote. Are you willing to tell homosexual married couples that they can no longer be married because you don't like their marriage? Not just from the comfort of your own home, but to their faces. If you're not willing to tell these people straight up that they can't be married because you say so, then why are you voting for 8?

Vote no on Prop 8. Let's be fair here. The fact is that marriage hasn't been threatened one bit by homosexual marriages. Not once. Look into it. Thousands of homosexuals have been married since the change, and has marriage been damaged? Nope. Not at all.

Just think about what you're doing when you vote yes on 8. Think real hard about it. Because you are contributing to the historical and social discourse of hate depending on how you vote.

That is all.

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  1. Agreed. I wonder about those people who claim that it "damages" their marriage - what is there marriage based on anyway?

  2. Well, in all honesty, the only reason it hurts their marriages is because they let it. There's one state that has had gay marriage for a while and after it stuck for a bit, most people just shut up and stopped fretting because they realized "it doesn't really matter".
    And it doesn't matter. Not one bit. If a gay person gets married, it will not devalue my future marriage. Not one bit. I will still love her exactly the same as I did two seconds before this post and two seconds after this post. The only thing that can change that is me.

  3. Only the 2 people in the marriage, are the only 2 people who can hurt the marriage ... hopefully it all works out. I have 2 close gay friends who are happily married. I remember when they went through the ceremony the first time & then CA went through the upheaval of not honoring their vows, and then honoring it, etc.

    Let them lead their lives & be happy ... just like we all want :)