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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Star Trek 2009: On My List!

The new trailer for Star Trek 2009 is up at the Apple site (yes, I know, they're evil, but they always have the good trailers, so I can give them some props).

It's official: As much as I hate J. J. Abrams I have to admit that this film looks like it may very well be the best Star Trek film to date and the likely candidate for "best film of 2009." Yes, I'm going that far. The visuals are stunning (i.e. they look real, not fake and obviously CGed). I can't wait for this one. Seriously.

What do you think? Go on, argue amongst yourselves...

(Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this!)

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  1. Oooo :) I will so be there & can't wait. Although, I keep wondering how they will pull the story line together for the 2nd Captain - Kirk that is. Will they reference Captain Archer from Enterprise since that was the last TV series? I figure everything will pull together ... but until then ... It's Space & Beyond :)

  2. I dig the look of Spock, but I am not very excited about this movie. I don't like Chris Pine, and Eric Bana spouting that line "the wait is over" is just too lame to inspire excitement in me for this movie. As far as the CG goes, in the trailer it was noticeable, and that robot guard at the beginning just looked awful. At first I thought I was watching a television commercial, then I realized this was the trailer for the new Star Trek. Also, I never saw Kirk as an angst ridden, "I know I have a greater destiny than this" kind of guy, but rather I will reach the stars and do what I want, consequences be damned. Sure, there is a sense of greater destiny in that version too, but more of one that is owed and accepted that it will happen, there is no doubt. Kirk is a cocky dude who has sex with alien chicks and leads every away team. There is no room for doubt or reflection in his character, especially in his earlier years. I will probably watch this movie, but I do not think that it will be all that spectacular, and definitely not the best of the Trek series. Nothing will ever be able to touch "The Wrath of Khan" not even the Voyage (or was it journey?) Home, which is the one most non-hardcore Trek fans (of which I belong to, I was always more of a Star Wars kinds guy, but I can appreciate the Trek) say is the best.

  3. Star-Trek-is-Worse-Than-Star-Wars10:19 AM