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Friday, November 07, 2008

More Prop 8 (Sorry, I have to get this off my chest)

Foul language ahead. Consider yourself warned.

In this Yahoo article, the following was said:

Andrew Pugno, attorney for the coalition of religious and social conservative groups that sponsored the amendment, called the lawsuits "frivolous and regrettable."

"It is time that the opponents of traditional marriage respect the voters' decision," he said.

You're right, Mr. Pugno. Goodness, all them black people should have just laid down and took it up the ass when religious conservatives and white, redneck assholes like you told them they couldn't go to school with white people, or marry white people, or hell, even be considered human by white people. You're right, all minorities, especially the Native Americans, who we raped of all their land and dignity, should have just taken it up the ass with a smile. How could any of us have ever thought differently? We should just accept this because you say so.

Well, fuck you, Mr. Pugno. Fuck you very much. No individual or people who is being oppressed should lay down and take it. Ever. And for you to even suggest that people who do not agree with Prop 8, which rapes a specific segment of the population of their rights and makes them less than human in your eyes, should just accept this is possibly one of the most hateful things one could say. I guess in your eyes we should have Jim Crow laws again, but for gay people now. Hell, why don't we just take away all gay rights, hmm? What the hell, right? They're just supposed to take it up the ass anyway, so let's all just vote on Prop 8a: All gays are officially banned. Because that's where you're going with this.

There, I've vented.

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