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Friday, October 24, 2008

Graduate School, Here I Come!

In the interest of letting you all know what the heck I'm up to, I thought I'd let you all know where I'm applying for grad school. Yeah, this will likely be of little interest, I suppose, but so be it. If you have suggestions for universities that would be open to someone wanting to study science fiction and postcolonialism together, let me know (things are still open for inclusion at this point). Anywho, here's the list:
  • University of Liverpool: Science Fiction Studies MA
  • University of Leicester: Modern Literature MA (w/ option for a creative dissertation)
  • Brunel University in West London: Contemporary Literature and Culture MA
  • Birmingham City University: English Literary Studies MA (w/ SF) (PhD. too)
  • Newcastle University: Modern & Contemporary Studies MA (Literature focus)
  • Oxford University: English Language & Literature M.St. (basically MA)
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston: English MA
  • Temple University: English Literature PhD. (Samuel R. Delany works here)
  • University of Pittsburgh: Critical and Cultural Studies PhD. (Literature focus)
  • University of Oregon: Comparative Literature PhD.
  • University of Florida: English PhD.
That's it for now. Please, if you have suggestions of universities you think might be good fits for me based on my interests, please let me know. I'm eager to continue my studies and I'm particularly interested in the question of the human and how postcolonial discourse and science fiction deal with the human/other dichotomy, etc. That's where I'm going with all this. So, suggestions welcome! I haven't searched every university simply because I don't have the time.


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