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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

GUD Pre-Launch Contest

Well, apparently GUD magazine is having a contest for bloggers. All you have to do is post about the contest with the appropriate links back and you have a chance to get their entire hardcopy stock. So, seeing how that sounds like a good idea to me, I'm writing about here (with the appropriate copied and pasted bits thrown in for good measure):
Here's the (self-referential) Pre-launch Buzz Contest: blog about the launch contest with a link back to this post--then leave a comment at this post with a link to your blog post. You'll be entered to win A FULL SET OF GUD, HARDCOPY (Issues 0-3). If we don't receive at least 100 entries, we reserve the right not to award this prize, so BE SURE TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS! You've got seven days to help spread the word (give or take -- through the end of Friday, Pacific Standard Time)

BONUS: First ten entries win a PDF of Issue 3! And we'll spread a few more goodies around if response warrants it. :)

BONUS 2: Everyone creating an account gets a freebie from Issue 3 just for signing up (it'll be in your account, waiting). Everyone who already had an account? You've got a new freebie waiting for you, too.
So, spread the word everyone!

(Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this!)

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