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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Email Ethics: Replying to Rejections?

I have a curious question. Is it wrong, not recommended, or downright stupid to email back and editor and thank them for the comments they made in a personalized rejection notice?
I don't want to do something considered a "no no".

Any thoughts?

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  1. It's not at all necessary, but harmless if you can keep it to something short like "Thanks for the feedback."

  2. Think of it as a response to a job rejection. After an interview, proper etiquette is to send back a thank you note. If you are not accepted, many professionals will ask what the employer what it was they were looking for or what qualifications they were missing for the job. It shows your desire to continue growing with in your desired field of work :)

    So I would write back for constructive feedback.

  3. Well, it's sort of a no-no to ask for feedback from an editor since they don't have any time as it is (they're usually desperately trying to get through the slush pile). But I may send a thank you note.