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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tall Writing Order

Today is going to be intense and it's entirely possible that I will explode. Here's what's going down:
  • At 10 PM I have to be showered, fed, and mentally prepared to write.
    • Shortly after that point I need to be online. Why?
      • I've arranged to do a 2 hour word war with a friend from my website
        • Note: A word war, if you don't know (and I have talked about it before) is basically a "battle" between any number of people to write the most in a given period of time. Generally they aren't 2 hours long (15 minutes is normal). You set up a time with whomever you want to write with, with a time limit, and then for that period, you just write, nothing else, period. At the end, you come back and every says how many words they wrote and the person with the most wins (though technically anyone who wrote wins).
      • Prior to this there will be a brainstorming session. It's quite likely that we will either get tired of something and switch, or finish a couple stories all at once. So, we're going to brainstorm for probably an hour beforehand.
After all this, I'll likely be dead. If I don't reappear soon, expect my brain has exploded. It's going to be intense and insane. Yeah.

(Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this!)

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