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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Have Returned

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I have returned safe and sound from cloudy old England. All went well and there will be a more adequate recap later on in the week. Right now I'm unpacking, putting all the stuff I acquired away, etc. For now, I'm just back and alive.

Thanks to all the guest bloggers who managed to keep the activity alive around here. I appreciate it you guys!

(Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this!)

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  1. Anonymous2:45 AM

    welcome back to the states! *misses OC very very much*

  2. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Humph. I want you back.

    And it wasn't cloudy the whole time! You saw the sun!

  3. Of course I got to see the sun :P. You were there :P

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Ha ha ha ha. :|

    Stop slighting my country's weather. *sniff*

  5. I'm not slighting the weather. I happen to like rain and snow and wind and clouds. I'm from northwest Washington remember? It's not that much different.

    And I'm typing this on a filthy Mac right now...ugh

  6. *LOL* About the Mac *Smiles* I'm typing one too, but have the Vista computer back at work. Welcome back & looking forward to hearing about the trip