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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Spellweaver of Dern--It Has Begun

I would like to announce that I have officially started writing The Spellweaver of Dern, book two of the Satin Bag sequence (a working series title at this point). I'm 400 words into Chapter One (entitled Of Dire Passages) and it's looking to be an interesting beginning of the book.

For those of you who might need a refresher about what is going on, here it is:
James and his friends have escaped the mainland of Traea, slipping away from Luthien in a last ditch effort to make a run for the city of Ra. But the Strait of Loe is a dangerous place dominated by a violent, fast-flowing current. If the current doesn't topple the Luu'tre, then the maze of reefs and rocks along the coast of Traea will prove an even more dangerous task.
And what of this mysterious city of Ra in the Isles of Loe? Ancient legends speak of it as a lost city and a place where no man has ever returned. It's a place that even the dark ruler Luthien fears. What will such a feared city hold for James and his companions? Will they find sanctuary, or will unknown forces pull them into the dark?

The short non-synopsis style reads as such:
James has come to Traea and rescued his friend, only to find that his actions and his existence in the land of Traea has sparked a war that has been in the works for hundreds of years. Having run from Luthien and convinced the captain of the Luu'tre to risk his life and take he and his companions across the ocean to the city of Ra, he now finds himself being battered and tormented by the rough seas in the Loe Strait.

That's where this novel starts. I'm skipping ahead a few weeks intentionally. It works out better that way I think.

On some side notes: I have two interviews coming up and anyone interested in that Eaton Conference please contact me as I'd like to go!

And apparently nobody wanted a free $10 for creating something fun for the WISB world. So, I guess that was a waste of time. Oh well!

Until tomorrow!

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  1. I love the way you've organized your sidebar with your word count and words edited. Good luck with your writing!

  2. Meepity Meep11:21 AM

    Shaun you soooo have better things to spend $10 on. :p