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Friday, January 25, 2008

Setting Standards

For myself. In light of all the things going on ever since last quarter and the start of this quarter I feel as though I need to set up some 'requirements' for every single day starting tomorrow. These are going to be things I'm going to do no matter what as a way to not only increase my writing productivity, but to increase my reading productivity as well. I am far too behind in my reading and I'm not happy about it. I can't read nearly as fast as some, who are reading a book every other day, but there shouldn't be any reason why I can't read a book a week, and so here are my new standards and requirements for every day of the week:
  1. Write 2,000 words. Period. Even crappy words. Doesn't matter. I just have to write.
  2. Read 100 pages. Should be easy enough. I read 100 pages tonight and intend to continue that. I have five books from publishers/authors right now, and I should be done with at least three of them. I'm done with being behind. Time to catch up and get things done.
I'll also have a per month list. I need to do certain things to keep myself on top of my writing game, because that's what you do if you want to get published right?
  1. Edit two short stories or two novel chapters. I need to start getting things in tiptop shape for publication.
  2. Submit at least one story a month, preferably two. Same as above, basically. I have three stories out there already, but I should really learn to keep on top so I can really get myself out there and possibly get published.
I think those are easy enough to follow, don't you?

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  1. Much agreed :) Setting goals assists in moving forward in life & obtaining a person's overall dream. Happy Friday!

  2. Since you are intrigued by that novel. Here is the author's site.

    As I said, I am really enjoying it. The science is awesome (the guy is a scientist after all) and it is explicitly Christian without being preachy, just consistent.

    (i.e. it begins with a utopia based in Christianity which has evil reintroduced. So prayer is part of it, but that would be consist with the society he has set up.)

  3. Oh thanks very much John! I'm not a religious person, but I do find it interesting how Christians translate their faith into SF worlds and fantasy worlds.

    And yeah, swtp, I have to get on top of things :P