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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting Desperate! Housing Needed!

Some of you know my housing situation has become rather, well, bad. I need a room to rent by January, and right now it's not looking so good. So I'm writing a post begging for help on this matter.
Does anyone who reads this blog know of anyone renting a room, who may want to rent a room, or know of a room available? I can afford anywhere between $350 and $450, plus utilities. It needs to be a place that is okay with caged animals. I don't have dogs or cats, however I get along with either if the place has them.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated. This month is dwindling away fast and the only lead I have right now hasn't called me back, which leads me to believe that I'm not going to get called back. Come January I could very well have no place to go...


(Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this!)

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  1. I hope you've been able to find something!! (Btw, this is that weird sci fi fan from German Fiction.. Just found your email amidst my holiday chaos).

    If I could I'd kick my 19 yo brother in law out and let you move in to the corner of the office my sister doesn't use because you're a lot more interesting than he'll ever be ;) Unfortunately, I think my husband would mind.

    Meanwhile, I can ask around the Aptos area anyway.

  2. Hey you! How are you?

    Thanks for looking. I really appreciate it! Hopefully I can find something. This is stressing me out.

  3. Well, if worse comes to worse I can probably swing letting you stay in my garage with the potato bugs. :) I'd rather that didn't happen for your sake though.. it's really really cold out there.

  4. Well and I have lizards that need a place that I can keep warm :S.
    Well I have until the middle of January, so something might spring up!