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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Synopsis, Sorta...

I thought it would be nice to share a synopsis, or at least a first draft synopsis, with all you out there for the book I am currently working on. Just a note though, things could change a little, but for the most part the story will be as follows:

The White (Draft Title) or The Lies of Venicia (Secondary Draft Title) or To Lie on Actaeon (Third Draft Title) or I Have No Clue What the Final Name Will Be (My Mind's Title)

Alan is a pilot on Actaeon, a backwater world colonized by humans long ago and abandoned by most of the human empire because of a mysterious entity known as the White. He leads of life of simplicity, roaming the wide stretches of unoccupied land transporting goods for Venicia, a city ruled by a class of Elders whose wisdom is trusted without question. When his world is suddenly turned upside down and all that he once loved begins to crumble he must set out to find the answers he needs to protect Aptus and ultimately Actaeon from falling into darkness...
Eileen is a computer genius, a coder with surprising talents working for Stalworth Tech in Aptus on Actaeon. She hates her job and despite her large paycheck she's tired of life in Aptus. Then a strange package arrives with her name on it and a remarkable data chip inside. But the data may prove to be more than she ever expected. It could very well solve all of Actaeon's problems or bring down the might of an entire empire on the inhabitants of the planet...
Carl is an interstellar pilot specializing in the transport of primarily illegal goods for anyone willing to pay him a decent price. Despite his better judgment he agrees to take on a job from Aptus. But the job wreaks of secrets even he is unwilling to ignore and he soon finds himself woven into a political conspiracy that threatens to destroy the human empire...

So, there you have it. What do you think?

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  1. I have to say it sounds very interesting. YOu gonna pu tit online at some point or is it just something you are toying with?

  2. No, unfortunately this one I actually would like to get published and so I'm not doing anything that will make that journey any more difficult than it has to be. WISB is going to be hard to sell to a publisher because it has been online and accessible to a wide audience--even though a wide audience hasn't read it. So this particular story is going to be strictly offline. I may post excerpts though...

  3. It seems cliched with some Lois Dowry? Or Mowry? Or something...Guy who wrote Killing Mr. Griffin..anyway, he wrote something similiar.

  4. Explain Mr. Willis!

  5. I know what it is now...

    That trilogy that Lois LOWRY has, you know, The Giver, and Gathering Blue, and uh...Messenger.

    It has some kind of elements in there that reminds me of them.

  6. Those are magical realism books though aren't they? This is pure SF :S.