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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Changing WISB For All Mankind

Some of you might have noticed some serious changes around here. I'm doing some work on the blog to try to get new readers and the like and due to some suggestions some things are changing.
  • First, things have moved around a bit, and the archives are now a drop menu to save space.
  • Most of you never look down on the right hand side. Usually I have a group of image bars there from sites I am a part of. I try a lot of places to see what places seem to bring traffic to the site. I'm not trying to simply increase traffic, but what I'm doing is trying to bring new readers in to my blog. That's all. So I try various things, and from time to time I delete all the things that aren't doing anything for me from the blog. Which is exactly what has happened. All the links that weren't adding to my new readers are gone (I pay attention to sitemeter)
  • I've temporarily removed the word meters on the right hand side. Why? Alex suggested that perhaps they are misleading because they are expecting that perhaps those word meters refer to works that are on the site, considering that WISB is on the site. So I've taken them off for now. My other reason for taking them off was because, while they are nice, they are just too big for me. I wanted smaller word meters that take up less space. Thus far I haven't found any.
  • I'm trying a new thing called BlogRush, which you can see in the right. This is temporary, but it seems to be a way not only to bring readers of my blog to potentially awesome sites related to my blog, but might bring people from other places here. We'll see what happens with that.
  • I'm using Creative Commons at the bottom of my page now. I was using a different copyright before, but CC seems to be the common route for a lot of writers now, so now it's there.

    That about covers it for now. Hopefully things look okay. I'm giving this BlogRush thing a try, but if it doesn't prove useful, then it's gone.
    Thanks all! (Don't click the read more, there isn't any more after this)

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