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Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Continents in the Works

Yes, the title is correct. I am working on adding new continents to my world. As of right now I have one in mind and it is giving a hell of a lot more trouble than Traea ever did. Traea seemed to flow from my mind without much of a thought, but geographically speaking this new continent is too complex to seem real. I have to bring it down several notches now just to get it to where I like it.

So what does this mean for WISB? A lot. First, the second book already is looking to be off of the mainland of Traea to begin with--though that can change as I progress through the story. A second continent is needed simply because I have way too much in my head for there not to be. I can't put it all on Traea. That would make for a severely compressed batch of ideas and concepts. This second continent I think will incorporate some aspects that perhaps are not so prevalent in WISB as we know it, as well as drawing on some things that I think are quite intriguing but don't get much play in the first book simply because there isn't room for it. And since we know what the title of the second book is--the tentative title anyway being The Spellweaver of Dern--that should give quite a few clues as to what to expect for the second book.

But first, I have to get through book one, I have to put together a portfolio so I can get into the creative writing program at UCSC, read a hell of a lot, keep writing short stories as I am horribly behind now, and try not to get overly annoyed with my grandma as she bugs me left and right to clean and clean and clean so we can sell the house while trying desperately to do all the things that are of the most value to me--basically anything that has to do with writing.

Oi. :P

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1 comment:

  1. Ah the joys of world building. I find it increcidly frustrating and incredibly rewarding at the same time. Good luck with the portfolio.